Movie Theater Advertising With Pot O' Gold Productions

Our digitial pre-show is entertaining and will captive audiences on the big screen before all feature presentations, every movie, every day. We develop a full color motion graphic advertisement or use your pre-produced commercial. Pot O' Gold Productions & Cinemission specialize in movie theater advertising(on screen advertising, big screen advertising) and installing the equipment used to run the programming for the screen. To contact us about advertising, send us a message through our home site's form.

What We Do!

  • How The National Companies Captivate Their Audience!

    Why is it that so many national companies spend millions in associating themselves with certain movies? It's because they know that millions of people...more info

  • The Process

    The process is quite simple; Pot O' Gold Productions & Cinemission place advertising on the screens of movie theaters of your choice during the intermissions. We have a captive audience...more info

About Us

Founded in 1984, Pot O' Gold Productions, Inc. is a premiere movie theatre advertising and on-screen advertising company. Pot O' Gold Productions & Cinemission has provided movie theater advertising...more info